100% Made in Italy

Premium Italian leather for upholstery of all kinds of furniture and car interiors, available in 20 colors

1 year warranty

One year guarantee of quality that satisfies the needs of our most sophisticated clients

25 years experience

Pirin Export is a Macedonian company with 25 years of tradition, experience and professional team.
Premium Italian Leather

Pirin Export Skopje features premium Italian leather for upholstery of all kind of furniture and car interiors available in over 20 colors and shades. Leather change is a great way to save while your furniture will get refreshed with premium natural material. According to your needs, we will recommend you upholsterer, and you will only have to select the corresponding color/type of leather.

Warehouse of the company is located in their own facility, in the industrial zone Vizbegovo, while the showroom and our office are located on street Bagdadska 15/ locale 8, Karposh – 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Pirin Export is a Macedonian company with more then 25 years of tradition.

We are expecting you!

View some of our realized projects with premium Italian leather: