Finnish sauna; Infrared sauna; Himalayan sauna; Bio sauna; Outdoor sauna; Combined sauna
(built sauna in your home, with dimensions to fit the space)

Pirin Export is a leading company specialized in design and production of tailor made saunas, with dimensions and characteristics of your choice! You can choose from 5 different types of Saunas, and from the wide range of 7 different types of Wood for your sauna, in order to create a unique sauna according your special needs!

We can assemble and put a Sauna in any place you desire! The necessary preconditions are:
Space of at least 90x90cm, as well as an electric cable (one or three phase cable, depending on the Volume of the Sauna.)

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and We will make sure that you get the best value offer available on the Market.

NEW! Design and production of panels made from Himalayan crystal salt, as well as Himalayan Saunas! You can install the Himalayan salt panel in any free space, your Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom etc. Clean your respiratory tract, and boost your immunity!


Pirin Export’s services include all the phases, from professional advising, consultative tips, taking measures, designing your sauna, as well as transport and assembly of the sauna on the spot.

Our Reference list includes the design and production of more than 1000+ saunas, in Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Albania.

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